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Around the world hard working, visionary reformers believe greater justice is possible. But they often lack the tools required to change justice systems in meaningful, lasting ways and to document progress.

This section of the Altus web site attempts to support a rigorous approach to justice reform, one grounded in empirical knowledge rather than belief or ideology. Unlike complicated social science instruments that only trained researchers can understand and apply, these tools can be used by anyone interested in a disciplined course of justice reform - we provide a bibliography that includes the most recent publications on policing.

The bibliography cites works covering every region of the world and in several different languages, with emphasis on publications in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. They address a wide range of topics from use of force to community policing to recruitment. The common denominator is that they all consider police work in the context of democratic societies.

You can navigate the bibliography in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian, and the essays are also posted in these five languages, but each citation is available only in the language of the publication it references. Works published in the language you are using to navigate the bibliography will always be listed first, followed by links to works published in other languages.

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